Civil Engineering

Liberty Square Redevelopment

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Miami, Florida


Civil Engineering
EAC is the civil engineer for this project which consists of a nine-block site development (encompassing residential, commercial, educational and mixed-use land use), which includes infrastructure elements such as new roadways, sidewalks, parking amenities, bus drop offs, and landscaping, as well as storm water management, potable water distribution and sanitary sewer collection and disposal. The catalyst of the Liberty City Rising revitalization initiative is the redevelopment of the Liberty Square Public Housing Project, the oldest public housing project in the southeastern United States built in 1937 under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Miami-Dade County committed $74,000,000 for the revitalization initiative, which will be used to leverage over $390,000,000 of economic activity and private sector investment.

Overall, the redevelopment plan will construct 1,332 new housing units at Liberty Square, new park and recreational facilities, mixed used facilities, commercial offices and educational facilities and would result in over 3,000 new jobs.

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