Civil Engineering

Water Resources

S-197 Gate Replacement, Automation Engineering During Construction

South Florida Water Management District
Miami, FL
Civil Engineering
Project Overview
The S-197 structure is located upstream of the mouth of the C-111 canal, about three miles from the shore of Manatee Bay, and 750-ft east of U.S. Highway 1 in Miami-Dade County. The S-197 structure is a four-barrel, cast-in-place concrete box culvert with vertical slide gates. The gates are manually operated by field station staff. Realtime stage data is available through telemetry. S-197 was originally built in 1969 by the Corps of Engineers (COE) with three gates. In 1988, tenadditional culverts were constructed to increase total structure capacity to 2400 cfs. In 2012, the structure was replaced with a four-barrel box culvert. The design capacity of the replaced structure remains at 2400 cfs. The gate structures will be automated by providing a new control and generator building; new SCADA system; removing existing upstream and downstream stilling wells that are located on the canal bank; and installing new stilling wells mounted on a galvanized steel platform with concrete piles.