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Expansion Plan for Cap Terminal SA (CTSA) for Port Cape Haitiean

Client: Caribbean Port Management Inc

Location: Port Cap Haitien, Haiti

Service: Civil Engineering

EAC Consulting, Inc provided necessary investigations and engineering analysis to develop an expansion plan that will demonstrate Cap Terminal SA’s (CTSA) ability to meet the future cargo growth of Cape Haitien Port. The Expansion Plan of CTSA validates their ability to handle the future cargo volume. The objective of the expansion plan is to reorganize its current operations and to make investments in equipment and personnel to accommodate volumes of 2,000 TEUs per month of full containers or 24,000 TEUs of full containers per year by 2021. Adding an estimated 16,000 TEUs of empty containers brings the total estimated throughput to 40,000 TEUs per year in 2021. In achieving the objective, the expansion plan report addresses current and future plan for human resources, equipment inventories, cargo storage layout, cargo handling and trucking services. In addition to the Proposed Expansion Plan Report, the scope of work also included to provide information such as cargo layout graphics, equipment data, etc. to CTSA which can be used on CTSA’s website.

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