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Construction Engineering and Inspection for FDOT SR 7 Projects from Broward to Palm Beach County

FDOT – District 4


Broward County, Florida


Construction Management
EAC provided Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services required for contract administration, inspection, and materials sampling and testing for the FDOT SR 7 Grouping Project. The team consisted of eight professionals, including a Senior Project Engineer, Project Administrator, Contract Support Specialist, three Senior Roadway Inspectors and two Roadway Inspectors. Our services on this project included contractor’s monthly invoice approval and processing, reviewing and accepting the project’s baseline schedule and monthly updates, on-site inspection, monitoring and inspecting Contractor’s Work Zone Traffic Control Plan, sampling and testing, engineering services, coordinating utility relocations, monitoring contractor’s and subcontractor’s compliance with standards and specifications, coordinating resolution of Request-for-Information (RFI), negotiating and processing change orders and supplemental agreements, coordinating implementation of revisions in plans, processing final estimate, implementation of as-builts, and project close-out. This project also included coordination with FDOT’s Public Information Officer in all matters related to communication with the public and major stakeholders. The SR 7 project extended 2.6 miles along SR 7 from the Broward/Palm Beach County line to Glades Rd. SR 7 is a major thoroughfare in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The roadway runs north-south and spans six lanes, three in each direction.

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