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Liberty City, FL
Civil Engineering
Project Overview
EAC provided civil and site engineering, and infrastructure design services for the Lincoln Gardens housing complex located in Miami’s Brownsville neighborhood. This monumental $40+ Million project is a public-private partnership between the Related Urban Development Group and Miami-Dade County. The nine-acre development spans from NW 46th Street to NW 48th Street, and between NW 24th and NW 25th Avenues. Lincoln Gardens will be built in three phases and is comprised of two-to-four-bedroom apartments and 10 townhomes that are all earmarked for public, affordable, and senior housing. The development features a community center, an ultra-modern gymnasium, and at-grade parking facilities. The project also includes $2 Million in improvements to the adjacent Marva Bannerman Park.

Miami-Dade County’s investment in both the Liberty Square Redevelopment (previously featured in EAC’s October 2018 newsletter) and Lincoln Gardens totals more than $300 Million. The developments are proposed to revitalize the Liberty City and Brownsville neighborhoods by creating additional economic activity through the construction of new multifamily housing, affordable and workforce housing, affordable homeownership opportunities, economic development, and capital improvements.

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