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Transbay (Salesforce) Transit Center

Federal Transit Administration
San Francisco, CA
Program Management
Project Overview
EAC, as part of a joint venture, is currently overseeing the construction and implementation of a new downtown San Francisco multimodal transit station that will replace the Transbay Terminal originally built in 1939. It will serve regional intermodal passenger needs by providing a transportation hub for buses and commuter trains and is planned for future use as the northern terminus for the California High Speed Rail (CHSR) system. The project is located between Second and Beale Streets and extends between Minna Street to the north and Natoma Street to the south. The TTC development will be built in two phases. Phase 1 includes design and construction of the above-grade portion of the Transit Center, the structure and core of the two below-grade levels of the train station (train box). Phase 2 includes the rail tunnel called the Downtown Extension (DTX) from the existing Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) Fourth and King Street station into the new Transbay Transit Center station; extension of the train box to the east side of Main Street; build-out of the lower levels of the train box for rail passenger service. This project involves the construction of stations, rail and tunnels within an urban area and all the challenges that are associated with such projects. Our responsibilities include providing proactive problem-solving oversight management services that results in specific professional opinions and recommendations to assist the Grantee in achieving project success.

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