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SR 417 Moss Park Bridge Widening

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Orlando, Florida
Transportation Engineering
Project Overview
The scope of this project features the outside widening of the existing SR 417 bridge structures over Moss Park Road to adequately accommodate future traffic demands induced by the construction of the proposed interchange at Moss Park Road.

The existing two-lane twin single span AASTO Type V bridge structure on S.R. 417 presently conveys traffic north and south over Moss Park Road. In order to accommodate future traffic demands due to the construction of a new interchange at Moss Park Road, improvements to the existing SR 417 bridge overpass facility are required. The existing twin bridges will each be widened to the outside, resulting in an increased superstructure width to accommodate an additional 12’-0” auxiliary lane, while maintaining 6’-0” inside shoulders and 10’-0” outside shoulders.

The existing bridge facility consists of twin 122-foot long single span structures. Upon widening, the proposed width of each bridge, from coping to coping, will be 55.08 feet. Each bridge will accommodate three lanes of traffic, comprised of two general use lanes and an auxiliary lane.

Steel “H” piles were recommended because they have relatively small cross section and are non-displacement piles and we recommended that the contractor field verify each proposed pile location by probing the space available between existing straps prior to driving piles. Also, we recommended that driving shoes be installed on all “H”-piles to improve their cutting ability in the event that a strap is hit

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