Program Management

Transit Agencies

SFRTA Tri Rail (GEC)

South Florida, Florida
Program Management
Project Overview
EAC is providing professional services as one of SFRTA’s General Engineering Consultants (GECs). SFRTA operates North-South daily service along a 72-mile South Florida commuter rail corridor in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. EAC provides services under two work orders on this GEC contract. Under the first work order, EAC provides the full-time services of a systems and rail inspector that is seconded to SFRTA staff. These staff provide the necessary inspection services to facilitate the maintenance of the track system in accordance with Federal Railroad Administration regulations. The inspection locations include the New Bridge Corridor (MP1013.3-MP1015.8), the new MIC Corridor (MP1036.7-MP1037.5), and the SFRTA-controlled Hialeah Yard sections of track. The intent of the proposed construction project under the second work order is to provide pedestrian and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant improvements. Improvements include the construction of an egress-only connector between (1) the existing elevated northbound Metrorail station platform and (2) the existing at-grade northbound Tri-Rail station platform on the east side of the South Florida Rail Corridor, and (3) the NW 79th Street Tri-Rail/ Metrorail Transfer Station.