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Water Resources

G-335 Pump Station Trash Rake Replacement and Waterproofing

City of Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Civil Engineering
Project Overview
The G-335 Pump Station is located adjacent to Pump Station G-436 and Water Conservation Area 2 (WCA-2) and is approximately 7 miles NE of US 27 in Palm Beach County, FL. A design was engineered to replace the existing trash rake system at station G-335 with new telescoping rakers TRCM-K3 by Kuenz, including bar screens, rake, conveyor, and debris collection areas and a realignment of the trash collection areas in parallel to the trash removal system, to be located with the existing canal levee embankment, as well as exhaust fan shroud replacements, and fall protection measures (roof ladders, landing platforms, parapet handrails, etc.).

The project included all electrical and SCADA automation through the station’s programmable logic controller, mechanical, structural, site civil design necessary to construct a fully automated replacement unit.