Transportation – Major Bridge Structures

Bridge Structures — Major Bridge Structures

PortMiami North Cruise Blvd Flyover Bridge

Miami-Dade County
Miami, Florida
Transportation – Major Bridge Structures
Project Overview
This project consisted of roadway and bridge “fly over” structure improvements at PortMiami to alleviate adverse traffic flow conditions for the Port’s current and future cruise terminal development program. The scope of work included roadway horizontal and vertical alignment, typical sections, drainage design, bridge design, miscellaneous structural design, lighting, signing and pavement markings, utilities coordination, water and sewer adjustment and relocation plans and maintenance of traffic. One of the challenges of the project was to deliver it on time. This was achieved by communication with Port staff and others as necessary, management of time and resources, and documentation. EAC provided qualified technical and professional personnel to perform to Miami-Dade County’s standards and procedures. Part of the scope of work included extensive coordination with an external designer and projects concurrently being worked on at the Port, utility owners, and agencies having jurisdiction.

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