Transportation Engineering

Highways — Rural Highways

Milling and Resurfacing of SR25/US-27

FDOT – District 4
Palm Beach County, Florida
Transportation Engineering
Project Overview
The project consists of milling and resurfacing (M&R) SR 25/US-27 from Hendry/Palm Beach County Line to SR80/E Palm Beach Road. Realigning sidewalk to provide minimum sidewalk width required and reconstructing curb ramps at major turnouts to meet ADA standards. Replacing inlets and inlet tops. Adding pedestrian gates to the R/R crossing between NW 2nd Street and NW 3rd Street. Replacing the existing signalization at SR 80/E Palm Beach Road with a new concrete strain pole signalization. Traffic monitoring site 0148 will need to be updated with new loops and sensors. Existing signs and pavement markings will be replaced and upgraded to current standards and upgrading bus stops within the project limits to provide for landing pad. EAC is currently performing as the primer designer for this resurfacing project and is responsible for preparing a set of contract documents including plans, specifications, supporting engineering analysis, calculations and other technical documents in accordance with FDOT policy, procedures and requirements.