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Meridian Bridge Over Collins Canal

FDOT – District 6
Miami Beach, Florida
Transportation Engineering
Project Overview
Bridge replacement design services for the Meridian Avenue Bridge over Collins Canal. The project is located adjacent to the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach and was designed to be an extension of the Memorial and incorporated aesthetic treatments to accomplish this. The bridge was later named the Memorial Bridge. The improvements included: roadway, drainage, signalization, lighting and maintenance of traffic. Specifically, the project included the following: (1) Replacement of the bridge over Collins Canal; (2) Reconstruction of the south approach Meridian Avenue roadway. The reconstruction included the removal of on street parking; thereby allowing for an increase in the width of the west sidewalk. The final roadway configuration included two northbound lanes (one as a turn lane) and one southbound lane; (3) Aesthetic/streetscape improvements included: pigmented cement pavers for the roadbed and bridge, stone pavers for the sidewalk, stone veneer for the vertical surfaces of the bridge, and decorative lighting; (4) Drainage improvements included the installation of a drainage well to dispose of the contaminated water prior to discharge into the Collins Canal and (5) Signalization and non-decorative roadway lighting. The curved alignment of the bridge and the use of a 50ft single span reinforced concrete slab deck that was integral with the abutments required a finite element analysis and special design and reinforcing and resulted in the project being the recipient of a Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) Engineering Excellence Award.