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Bridge Structures — Minor Bridge Structures

Good Homes Road

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Orlando, FL
Transportation Engineering
Project Overview
The scope of this project features the outside widening of the existing Good Homes Road bridge structures over SR 408 to adequately accommodate future traffic demands induced by the construction of the proposed new SR 408 westbound on ramp and eastbound off ramp at Good Homes Road and realignment of the existing eastbound on ramp. The existing two-lane crown AASHTO Type IV bridge structure on Good Homes road presently conveys traffic north on Good Homes Road. In order to accommodate future traffic demands due to the construction of a new ramps, improvements to the existing Good Homes bridge overpass facility is required.

The bridge will be widened to provide in each direction two-12’ lanes, one-12’ turn lane to SR 408 to westbound and eastbound on ramps, 4’-0” bike lane, 5’-0” sidewalk, 1’-6” inside and outside shoulder, 1’-6”wide traffic barrier, 8” wide pedestrian/bicycle parapet barrier and a crown 4’-0” minimum wide raised median barrier for an overall bridge coping to coping width of 104’-7”.

Steel “H” piles were recommended because they have relatively small cross section and are non-displacement piles and we recommended that the contractor field verify each proposed pile location by probing the space available between existing straps prior to driving piles. Also, we recommended that driving shoes be installed on all “H”-piles to improve their cutting ability in the event that a strap is hit.