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Water and Wastewater

City of North Miami Pump Stations Rehabilitation (PS 10 San Souci 1, PS 12 San Souci 3, PS 24 Hospital Station)

City of North Miami
North Miami, FL
Civil Engineering
Project Overview
EAC Consulting is responsible for the design of pump station San Souci I (PS. 10) owned by the City have been identified with insufficient capacity per the City’s hydraulic analyses as part of the City’s Sanitary Sewer Master Plan. The pump station required upgrades to allow for the pump station to satisfy the minimum working conditions and comply with jurisdictional and regulatory standards for operations. PS 10- Sans Souci 1 located on Canal Drive between NE 117 Rd and NE 118th Rd. The scope included increasing the pumping capacity by removing existing pumps and installing three 34 HP pumps; replacing the existing wetwell to accommodate new pumps as well as the valve vault; upgrading the electrical service to 480-volt; use of RTU with SCADA; new driveway for maintenance vehicles and new fence and gate around site.