Venetian Causeway Improvements – PD&E Study

FDOT – District 6
Miami Beach, Florida
Project Overview
EAC Consulting, Inc. is currently providing a Project Development & Environment (PD&E) study to examine the potential replacement orrehabilitation of the twelve existing bridges (ten low-level fixed spans and two movable bascules) along the Venetian Causeway from NorthBayshore Drive to Purdy Avenue. The Venetian Causeway bridges were originally built in 1926 and have been designated as historiclandmarks by the City of Miami and City of Miami Beach; they are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Thecauseway bridges are mainly short span reinforced concrete arch beam bridges. Each bridge section consists of two 12ft travel lanes with 4ftbike lanes and 4ft sidewalks on each side. Project requirements include the inspection of the bridges, engineering reports, environmentaldocuments, a Section 4(f) document and preliminary plans. Improvements include the possible replacement or rehabilitation of thefunctionally obsolete structures based on the latest criteria and standards. Extensive public involvement efforts are being done as part of thisstudy. The PD&E study will look at alternatives that satisfy the public; protect the environment; are sensitive to the historic designation; resultin bridges that are safe, maintainable and serve the needs of the public.