SR-836/ I-95 Improvements from NW 17th Ave to I-95

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX)
Miami, Florida
Project Overview
As MDX’s General Engineering Consultant, EAC provided the program management services for overseeing the consultant responsible for the PD&E for this project. The project was done as a Joint Participation Agreement between FDOT and MDX. Originally included as part of the EIS for the FDOT’s I-395 project, this project was separated as an EA/PD&E and included a Systems Interchange Modification Report (SIMR) due to the proximity of the NW 17th Ave, NW 12th Ave and I-95 interchanges. The class of action was later changed to a Categorical Exclusion (Catex) to reflect the minimum impacts of the project. The project passed through a historic neighborhood and required extensive coordination with the residents to gain consensus.

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