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City of Miami Beach – Biscayne Point Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvements

City of Miami Beach
City of Miami Beach, Florida
Construction Management
Project Overview
As part of the City of Miami Beach Capital Improvement Program, comprehensive right of way improvement projects being undertaken in each of 13 City neighborhoods. The Biscayne Point Neighborhood ROW Improvement Project encompasses water main replacements and improvements for under sized piping and to improve fire protection capabilities, targeted streetscape, and stormwater infrastructure improvements. This project covers the engineering services required for the design and development of construction drawings for proposed improvements to the existing water distribution mains within Biscayne Point Neighborhood in the City of Miami Beach and associated tie backs to the existing resident’s homes.

These upgrades were required to existing mains to comply with current and local fire safety jurisdictions and improve service abilities as the existing pipes were tuberculated and constricted in flow conditions. Approximately 19,000 linear feet pressurized water mains ranging in size from 8-inch to 16-inches Ductile Iron Pipe and service connections to 585 homes were included in this project. The EAC team was involved with coordinating with the homeowner’s associations as well as other stakeholders to ensure a smooth delivery of the project.