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News / August 30, 2020

PMO Partnership Awarded FTA Task Order

The PMO Partnership JV, LLC (a joint Venture between EAC Consulting, Inc.; The Allen Group, LLC; & Brindley Pieters and Assocs., Inc) was awarded a Task Order to provide Project Management Oversight Consulting Services on behalf of the Federal Transit Administration for the City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Small Starts Projects, which include:

• The Center City Connector Streetcar project — a $286 Million, 1.3-mile streetcar line with four stops connecting the South Lake Union and First Hill existing streetcar lines.
• The Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – RapidRide G Line project — a $121 Million, 2.3-mile east-west BRT that connects downtown Seattle in the west to the Madison Valley neighborhood in the east with 11 stations. It is part of Seattle’s growing RapidRide BRT system.
• The RapidRide Roosevelt – RapidRide J Line project — a $90 Million, 6.1-mile north-south BRT that connects the Roosevelt neighborhood to downtown Seattle. This project is also a part of the expanding RapidRide BRT system and includes 13 stations.